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You have the harder job...

There are so many emotions involved in sharing your life with a beloved pet. For most of their life, there is joy, companionship, sometimes unparalleled love in your world. However, when approaching the end of their life, the anticipation of losing all of those wonderful times, losing that love and your bond can be overwhelming. And to expand your worry and concern and grief, working out how they are going to leave you and their failing body behind in a kind and gentle way adds to our feelings of grief.

Grief is a difficult place to be for so many people. It sometimes feels overwhelmingly sad, overwhelmingly depressing, overwhelming, period. Grief can bring up every emotion we have. It is a journey we may all go on at some point in our lives.

When I go to visit a family who is nearing the end of their beloved pet's life, or at the end of the beloved pet's life, I often hear, it must be so hard, what you do. And seeing people in pain, day in and day out, seeing animals who are struggling IS difficult to see.

However, I and now my beloved team all feel like we help people and their beloved pets through difficult decisions and difficult journeys. It is an intimate time in a person's life to lose a loved one, whether they be two-legged, or four. We are privileged to be able to come into that intimate space, your home, and provide care for you and your beloved pet, and we walk your path of grief together. We are a guide, helping navigate grief waters, able to assess your animal, and support your family. We believe it is important for you to be intimately involved in decisions for your pet, and to be present (if you want to be) for your pet all the way to their departure. And we believe in additional grief support for you, helping you find what you need.

We do have a difficult job, know that we care, and we are still human beings, trying our best to be there for you but you have an even more difficult job, with grief and navigating through your experience. We are here to help you as you help your beloved pet find a gentle end-of-life experience. If you would like to learn more about how we can help support you through this time, join us at or call 1-844-383-2768

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