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Quality of Life In-Home appointment

This is a one-hour non-medical appointment to talk with a doctor to help with decision-making for end-of-life care.

For your pet

This appointment includes a brief exam of your pet by the veterinarian.

Tools to help with decision-making for your pet include disease trajectories, distress points, chronic pain information, and signs of approaching death.

For you

In addition, we offer client support with information on anticipatory grief, local grief support, and an advanced directive for you to fill out with your family.

Cost: $375

*If you make this appointment and decide on euthanasia at that appointment, we discount the cost to $225 and add on the additional cost of the euthanasia and cremation choices.

**This appointment does not include continued follow-up care or the prescribing of medication.  If this is needed, we recommend a palliative consultation.

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