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Our Beloved Doctors

West Sacramento Office

Lynn and jack.jpg

Dr. Lynn Hendrix (she/her/hers)

  • A Passionate World Leader in Veterinary Palliative Medicine and the owner/founder of Beloved Pet Mobile Vet. She is also the co-founder and 2019 President of the WVPMO (World Veterinary Palliative Medicine Organization). She previously sat on the board of directors for the IAAHPC (International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care) and was one of the authors and members of the IAAHPC guidelines task force, writing the first and most comprehensive guidelines on animal hospice in the country.

  • Speaker- She has presented multiple lectures for the IAAHPC,  AVMA, FETCH, and VIN rounds.  She has also been featured on several podcasts.

  • ConsultingA consultant on VIN (Veterinary Information Network), she discusses Hospice/Palliative Care/End of Life Issues with other veterinarians.  She has started her consulting practice, The Palliative Vet.

  • Owner/Entrepreneur- She opened Beloved Pet Mobile Vet in Davis, CA, in 2011 as a house-call end-of-life and animal hospice practice.  

  • UC Davis Graduate- Dr. Hendrix graduated from UC Davis in 2002 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Her BA and AA are in psychology. She has 30 + years of experience in the veterinary field, starting as a receptionist and then as a veterinary technician. She started studying human hospice practices in 1993 when her mother passed away from lung cancer. She went to veterinary school, discussing hospice for animals at her interview, and while in vet school, worked on the Pet Loss Support Hotline, was the first student board member of the Nikki Hospice Foundation, and was trained at the Heart of the Hospital training on Grief Support techniques.  She has previous training in crisis management. She presented her experience in her student training and emergency medicine at the First Annual Nikki Hospice symposium. Before opening Beloved Pet Mobile Vet, she worked as an emergency veterinarian for ten years.

  • Care Provided- Dr. Hendrix provides Palliative Medicine and In-Home Euthanasia appointments for dogs and cats and will also see goats, sheep, rats, mice, and rabbits for euthanasia.

Derek Headshot Jpeg (2).jpg

Dr. Derek Wicklund-Blahut (he/him/his)

  • Empathic and Patient- Through many personal losses of both human and animal loved ones, Dr. Derek has experienced first-hand the journey of disease diagnosis to end-of-life care decisions several times. He understands and values the patience needed for a family to process the journey and come to acceptance and healing.  He prefers going by Dr. Derek.

  • Compassionate- Dr. Derek values the uniqueness of your pet and your family, and he is honored to discuss your beloved pet, your family, and what end-of-life care may look like to you. 

  • UC Davis Graduate- Dr. Derek grew up in southern California before attending UC Davis for both his undergraduate studies and for veterinary school.

  • Passionate about caring for all animals- Dr. Derek grew up with dogs, fish, and snakes and now lives in Sacramento with his partner Alex, his freshwater fish aquarium, and his cat Luna. In his free time, you can find Dr. Derek baking, cooking, eating, or hula dancing.

  • Care Provided- Dr. Derek provides In-Home Euthanasia appointments only and will provide care for dogs, cats, pocket pets, sheep, goats, pigs up to 150 lbs.


Dr. Ashley Keffler-Roa (she/her/hers)

  • Passionate about Palliative Medicine- Dr. Keffler-Roa became interested in providing end-of-life care after having experienced first-hand the warm and caring approach of a mobile veterinarian during the last moments with her pets.

  • UC Davis Graduate- Dr. Keffler-Roa graduated from UC Davis veterinary school with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. At UCD, she enjoyed participating in the Knight’s Landing One Health Clinic, Mercer Clinic, and Pride VMC.

  • Family-Centered Practice- Dr. Keffler-Roa is committed to delivering a personalized approach to creating an end-of-life plan that focuses on the family unit. As part of your support team, her goal is to provide comfort for your pet and quietude for your family during this difficult time.

  • Community and Family- Dr. Keffler-Roa is originally from Texas but moved to California in 2009. She lives in Davis with her wife and college-bound daughter. A three-legged Chihuahua mix and a geriatric poodle manage her home. She enjoys baking sweets, live theatre, stand-up comedy, and outdoor activities.

  • Care Provided- Dr. Keffler-Roa provides In-Home Euthanasia appointments and palliative medicine appointments.  Dr. Keffler-Roa will provide in-home euthanasia for dogs, cats, and pocket pets.

Napa/Sonoma Office

IMG_4128 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

 Dr. John Elliott- Napa Valley(He/Him/His)

  • Caring for Pets and their Families- For many years in the Sacramento region, now in the Napa Valley

  • UC Davis Veterinary School Graduate- Dr Elliott had a varied experience in veterinary school, gaining wisdom in surgery and the Intensive Care Unit.  In addition, he trained other veterinary students, and many other veterinarians, including Dr. Lynn Hendrix when she was a young veterinarian.

  • Internship at Sacramento Animal Medical Center- Working with specialists in internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine

  • Passionate about Palliative Medicine- Dr Elliott hopes to expand palliative care to the Napa Valley region, bringing 50 years of experience

  • Care Provided- Dr Elliott will provide palliative care and at-home euthanasia for cats (his passion) and small to medium dogs. Larger dogs with accomodation.

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