Cremation Services
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Cremation services are provided by Caring Pet Crematory.  Beloved Pet Mobile Vet can assist you in the care of your pet after our final visit and set up the paperwork, make sure your beloved is properly cared for and honored.

  •  A private cremation means that your animal is the only animal cremated and their ashes are returned to you.

  • Communal cremation means that there is a group cremation and their ashes are scattered in the Bay area.

  • Complimentary Ink nose and pawprints and a lock of fur is available.

  • Polymer clay pawprints are available for additional fees.

  • If your animal has passed on their own, Beloved Pet Mobile Vet may be able to help you with transport with the same care.  Please call for further details. 

Standard Urn and Polymer Clay Pawprint

Complimentary Lock of Fur and Ink Nose and Pawprint