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Supporting you and your beloved in your home.  

We believe this time is about your time together.  We believe you and your beloved pet deserve time to say goodbye together. We make time to get to know you and what you are concerned about before we gently glide your beloved pet into a deep sleep in your lap, on their bed, or in any location they choose. We want them to be comfortable. They are tucked in with a blanket as they sleep.  Once asleep, we give the last medication to help transition them to what lies beyond. This process includes:

  • Sedation of your pet with oral medication if they are eating

  • Sedation of your pet with injectable medication, including an opioid to relieve their pain

  • Anesthesia (like for surgery) to help your pet have a good, solid sleep

  • Euthanasia, once they are deeply sleeping

We use this technique as it is the most gentle way for your animal to go to sleep.

We can also help support you with aftercare. Aftercare can include cremation services and memorial items.  We can assist you with your beloved, providing Private or Communal Cremation through Caring Pet Crematory.  We will honor you, your family, and your beloved pet with a brief honoring ceremony if you choose.

In addition, we provide a complimentary ink pawprint, noseprint, and a lock of their fur if you choose.  Additional memorial items are available for purchase.  We provide a Mr. Rogers book for families with younger children and a list of books for families looking for additional support.  We have a special memorial gift for all families.

The veterinarians can provide additional support and a quality-of-life discussion with additional fees.  Please discuss this with our client caregivers when making an appointment.

Species that we may be able to provide care for include (it may depend on the doctor available that day: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Ferrets, Pet Sheep and Goats (under 150 lbs), Pet Pigs (under 150 lbs) Dr. Derek only.


In-home cost for euthanasia only- $425 for a 90-minute appointment within 20 miles from our office. Additional mileage, aftercare, and memorial items may add additional cost.  These appointments are performed in your home.

In-Office cost for euthanasia only- $325 for a 60-minute appointment.  These are special appointments and must be made with the office team.  These are performed in our office in West Sacramento.  

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