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What to expect for a palliative appointment?

You want the best quality of life for your beloved pet as they go through their disease, and our palliative veterinarians can guide you to achieve your goals of care.  We listen.  Palliative medicine is about helping your beloved pet live their best life as they are declining due to disease.  This is a medical appointment.

Starting palliative care early in their disease or even when you notice they start to slow down can improve their life.

Our palliative appointments begin with discussing what is going on with your beloved pet and progress to your needs and concerns.  We walk this journey together and create a daily crisis plan to empower you in your beloved pet's care.  

We can prescribe medications and develop a medical plan with you.

We leave you with tools, apps, and 35 pages of information to help you with decision-making and planning.  

We are prepared to guide you in the journey to care for your beloved pet and support you in decisions right for you and them.

We help support your bond with your pet by empowering, educating, and supporting you.

Let's support your beloved pet together to help them live their best life!

Cost for initial palliative consultation: $625 for up to 3 hours.

Follow-up appointments for stable patients:  $350 (for an hour-long follow-up appointment, based on needs of the family, required a minimum every six months)

For unstable patients (there may be an additional need for follow-up, and pricing may vary depending on need)

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