Beloved Pet Mobile Vet
"Gentle Hands, Caring Hearts"

Dr Lynn Hendrix-530-383-2543
 is providing housecalls for 
Animal hospice, palliative care, in-home euthanasia, and very limited in-home veterinary care for your beloved pet, to the Davis, Woodland, Yolo County,Sacramento areas, and Vacaville. 
Dr Hendrix is no longer doing routine vaccines or routine veterinary care.


We bring Love Home to You.
Available for housecalls by appointment only, 7 days a week, call for appointment. Can usually see appointments within 24 hours.
We are available from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday for regular hours, and up til 7 pm for after hours calls Monday through Friday.
Saturday and Sunday available 10 am-5 pm.  After regular hours will have additional charges.
Article from the DVM 360, which is a national veterinary magazine, regarding hospice and featuring Beloved Pet Mobile Vet and Dr. Lynn Hendrix.

Dr. Hendrix will be giving a webinar through the IAAHPC in Dec. 2014. She will be talking about Chronic pain.

She will also be presenting at the IAAHPC conference in October 2014.  She will be presenting on "Changing the Paradigm", the history and concept of the medical attitude of cure vs euthanasia and how we can actually incorporate animal hospice into the current paradigm.
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We believe that every beloved pet deserves a full and loving life with their family.  We believe in providing services with a personal touch and old fashion values.
We believe each member of the family is an individual with different needs and we try to assess the needs of each.

We provide housecall services to allow your beloved pet to remain in its own environment and provide in-home veterinary care and hospice services for terminally ill patients and gentle, caring, in-home euthanasia for the end of life.  We will discuss quality of life issues without judgement.

Our beloved pets bring love and joy to our lives. We feel we are indebted to taking care of theirs, from the beginning of life until the end.

Photo by Steve Yeater.


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