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Beloved Pet Mobile Vet is a Veterinary Hospice and End of Life care house call veterinarian. 


At Beloved Pet Mobile Vet, we believe that a personalized plan is important to help you and your pet at the end of life.  This can include a multi-modal pain plan, helping you plan your animal's living space to help mobility issues, a dietary plan for animals who are starting to decline in appetite,  and what to expect as their disease process is progressing.

Our regular hours are M-F 9-5, SS 10-5.  We can do after hours calls up til 7 pm and for additional fees.






Dec 2014:  Webinar given by Dr Hendrix on Chronic Pain.  Visit IAAHPC website for more information.


Oct 2014: IAAHPC conference in Indianapolis.  Oct 9th-12th. 
 Dr. Hendrix is speaking on "Changing the Paradigm" and will be out of the office Oct 8th-13th.


Hospice and End of Life Care for your Beloved Pet.

Get a personalized plan for your beloved pet to know what to expect!



the way we treat 

animals at the end of life



and End of Life Care

We believe in the comfort of your beloved pet at the end of life.

For Hospice and end of life care for your beloved pet call us at: 530-383-2543

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Article from the DVM 360, regarding hospice and featuring Beloved Pet Mobile Vet and Dr. Lynn Hendrix.