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Cherished Time

"For all those times we have spent together with our beloved pets, when our pets near the end, we need a relationship with someone who can help us through the tough emotions of grief, guide you with care for your beloved pet and help you both live life with quality and dignity and approach death with care and kindness."

We are here to care for you and your beloved pet.

COVID-19 Changes

We follow the emerging science with Covid-19 and the recommendations by the local municipalities and the state requirements.  With the new Omicron variant, we are requiring everyone to wear masks as we are providing services in your home again.  We require a face-fitting mask that needs to remain on and cover both mouth and nose for the entire appointment for anyone who is going to be present at the appointment.   Thank you for giving your beloved pets a loving home and stay safe during this continued difficult time.

Child and Beloved Dog

Cherished Time Together
At-Home Euthanasia

They have spent all their life with you in your home.  Our team can help you spend this cherished time in your home with your family.

Women on the Beach with elder golden retriever.

Supporting your Blessed Time

Veterinary Palliative Medicine

Your beloved pet is declining or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Let our palliative trained veterinarians guide you to help your beloved pet live better.

Continuity of Care

Cremation and Aftercare Services

Let us support you and honor and care for your beloved after our visit. 


Bringing More of the Moments Together

Beloved Senior Pet Planning

Your beloved pet seems to be slowing down and you would like to help them live better in their golden years.


Our Beloved Doctors

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Founder/Owner/Palliative Veterinarian

Dr Derek Blahut and his beloved fish.

Associate Veterinarian


Associate Veterinarian

Our Beloved Team



Office Manager and

Client Caregiver

Sam and her beloved Spooky


Client Caregiver



Client Caregiver



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