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Cherished Time

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Hug the cat and the dog
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Latest News for Beloved Pet Mobile Vet 

Our growth as a business- Beloved Pet, is expanding our ability to care for you and your beloved pet. Our new office is open in West Sacramento by appointment only.      Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have closed our Davis office, December 1st.  We will continue to serve out of the West Sacramento office. We try to have same-day availability for you and your beloved pet in the greater Sacramento area. Napa may have limited availability. Call the office or click the schedule button to find our availability.  Please know that even if all the online appointments are taken for the day, we may still be able to get you on our schedule.


Cherished Time Together
At-Home Euthanasia

They have spent all their life with you in your home.  Our team can help you spend this cherished time in your home with your family. 

Child and Beloved Dog

In addition to our at-home service, we are now providing in-office euthanasia services.  Same loving care, in our West Sacramento living room space with your family..

Women on the Beach with elder golden retriever.

Supporting your Blessed Time

Veterinary Palliative Medicine

Living better is the goal of palliative medicine.  Your beloved pet may be declining or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Let our palliative-trained veterinarians guide you to help your beloved pet live better.

Honoring Continuity of Care

Cremation and Aftercare Services

We can support you and honor and care for your beloved pet after our visit with simple or customized memorial items


Is it time?

Quality of Life Consultations

If you think your pet may be approaching their finals days, our doctors may be able to answer questions, give you tools to help you with decisions.  This is a solitary appointment to help with decision making.


Introducing our Beloved Team:

Lynn and jack_edited.jpg
Derek Headshot Jpeg (2).jpg

OUR Beloved Doctors

West Sacramento Office

Pictured Left:

Dr. Lynn Hendrix

 Owner/Founder/Palliative Veterinarian

Dr. Derek Wicklund-Blahut

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Ashley Keffler-Roa

Palliative Veterinarian


Pictured right:

Dr. John Elliott

Associate Veterinarian

IMG_4128 (1)_edited_edited.jpg


West Sacramento Office

Client Caregivers

Pictured Left:

Hannah- Office Manager and excellent manager of beloved chaos.

Client Caregiver: Josh


Client Caregiver:  Adrian

 Client Caregiver: Mallory-Assistant Manager



Tel. 844-383-2768

Fax. 844-383-2768

West Sacramento Office:

2433 Front Street,

West Sacramento 95691

(Office are open by appointment only.)

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Our winter call hours are:

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am-6:00 pm 

Appointments are available seven days a week, and most days, we can accommodate same-day or next-day appointments.  We now have late afternoon and early evening appointments on some days; the days may vary, and additional charges apply.

Coming soon: Napa/Sonoma area

Please contact the office for more information or follow our appointment buttons to make an appointment.

By contacting the business, the business will send text messages to contact you.  We will only contact you for the business between us.


neExpanded hours coming soon

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