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"When our animals near the end, we need a relationship with someone who can help us through the tough emotions of grief, guide us with care for our beloved and help you both live life with quality and dignity and approach death with care and kindness."

Let Beloved Pet Mobile Vet help you and your beloved through this difficult time.


How we can help you

and your beloved.

Covid 19 changes- Due to Covid-19 and following guidelines set by the AVMA, we are back on schedule for euthanasia only appointments.  Please call for an appointment and leave a message if we don't pick up, the online scheduler is currently offline.


To provide a safe work environment and to keep you and your family safe, we are not coming into your home, currently only seeing animals in a private outdoor space (at your home).  


We also require a face fitting mask that needs to remain on for anyone who is going to be present at the appointment and we require a maintained distance of 6 feet between BPMV staff and you (our beloved clients). (both to comply with current state regulations and based on current science).  We recognize this is not optimal, we are all living through this pandemic together and want to continue to provide this compassionate service.  Talk with us about options.

We are not taking new palliative patients until Jan 2021.  Please give us a call for future appointments, though if it is an emergency, please take to your regular veterinarian or an emergency clinic near you.


Thank you for giving your beloveds a loving home and stay safe during this difficult time.

Holiday Closure-The staff will be taking time to rejuvenate beginning 12/24/2020.  We will be out of the office from 12/24-1/3/2021.  Please email Mina at and an automatic reply will provide you with additional numbers for mobile veterinarians who are taking appointments during the holiday.  


At-Home Euthanasia Services
When you are ready, providing a gentle passing for animals is important.  We take steps to make the passing as gentle and stress-free for all involved as possible.
Cremation Services
Beloved Pet Mobile Vet can provide transport to a crematorium, and prepare the crematorium.  The cost is different if dealing directly with the crematorium.
Single Private Cremation is handled through
And Communal Cremation is handled through
New Service-Tele-consultations for Veterinarians
Dr. Hendrix is now providing teleconsultations for veterinarians regarding palliative medicine.  If you are working with a veterinarian and they would like to work with Dr. Hendrix to develop a palliative plan for you and your pet, get the latest thoughts on palliative care and develop a crisis kit for your beloved, give our office a call.

By appointment only. 

If you have an emergency, please see the emergency list for your closest emergency clinic.

 In-office services. -Not currently providing.
We are now offering the same services in the office by appointment only.  We do not provide emergency care nor do we see general practice issues, please see your regular veterinarian for those services. Please call the office for additional details.  
Senior Pet Planning- Not currently providing.
Does your pet just seem to be slowing down?.  We can help guide you in making choices that can positively affect their quality of life.

Our Beloved Doctors

Dr. Lynn Hendrix is a passionate world leader in the field of Veterinary Palliative Medicine and the owner of Beloved Pet Mobile Vet. She is also the co-founder and 2019 President of the WVPMO (World Veterinary Palliative Medicine Organization). She previously sat on the board of directors for the IAAHPC (International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care) and was one of the authors and members of the IAAHPC guidelines task force, writing the first and most comprehensive guidelines on animal hospice in the country. She has presented multiple lectures at the Annual IAAHPC conference for the past 6 years and was at AVMA in 2018 presenting her first national lecture. A consultant on VIN (Veterinary Information Network), she discusses Hospice/Palliative Care/End of Life Issues with other veterinarians. She is currently writing a book titled Hospice and Palliative Medicine for the House call Vet and is working on a chapter for a widely know veterinary book. She has joined the Fetch speaking facility for the 2021 season. She is the current Chairman of the organizing committee for Veterinary Palliative Medicine, to develop a specialty in veterinary medicine.

She opened Beloved Pet Mobile Vet in Davis, CA in 2011 as a house call end of life and animal hospice practice. Dr. Hendrix graduated from UC Davis in 2002 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Her BA and AA are in psychology. She has 30 years of experience in the veterinary field, starting as a receptionist and working her way up. She started studying human hospice practices in 1993 when her mother passed away from lung cancer. She went to veterinary school, discussing hospice for animals at her interview and while in vet school, worked on the Pet Loss Support Hotline, was the first student board member of the Nikki Hospice Foundation, and was trained at the Heart of the Hospital training on Grief Support techniques.  She has previous training in crisis management. She presented her experience in her student training and emergency medicine at the First Annual Nikki Hospice symposium. Prior to opening Beloved Pet Mobile Vet, she worked as an emergency veterinarian for 10 years.

Dr. Kirsten Bock joins Beloved Pet Mobile Vet to help serve the community with palliative medicine and end of life care. She currently also works in the Fairfield area and developed a special interest in diagnosing and treating both medical conditions and skin conditions. Dr. Bock also strives to provide a compassionate passing for our beloved companions. 

She spent time in vet school helping people with emergencies at the front desk and volunteered for the Pet Loss Support Hotline. She recognizes the value and importance of being able to share and process grief.  She is also a published author of a study on horses.  

She has lived in Davis since 1988 and is married with two children.  Her companions include a miniature Schnauzer, a Chihuahua, two cats, and four chickens. She graduated from the U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. 

Dr. Christine Miller is originally from Wisconsin and obtained her BA at the University of Minnesota in Public Relations in 2001. She's lived in California, mainly in San Diego, for almost 17 years and stayed in Sacramento after veterinary school at UC Davis. She also works at a clinic in Sacramento with dogs and cats. Veterinary medicine is a true calling and she will provide empathy and compassion during end of life care. She currently lives with her two cats, Ginger and Peanut Stray Kitty Pink Slippers, and her pitbull, Sadie.  In her free time, she enjoys swimming, biking, crossword puzzles, and trying new restaurants.

Our Beloved Staff

Mina is the Beloved Pet Mobile Vet Manager of Chaos and Office Manager and can help you and your beloved with your palliative needs.  Mina received her bachelor's degree with a double major in Biology and Psychology and has an interest in veterinary medicine and hopes to become a veterinarian in the near future.  She has a special interest in Veterinary Palliative Medicine and has helped Dr. Hendrix build the World Veterinary Palliative Medicine Organization and looks forward to helping clients and their beloved pets with their chronic and life-limiting illnesses.  Mina can help you with many of the tasks of caring for your beloved.  You can contact her at with questions and concerns.

Anna is our Supreme Organizer and Assistant to the Doctors at Beloved Pet Mobile Vet. She has received two associate's degrees in Biology and Natural Science, as well as a certificate in Chemistry from Diablo Valley College. She is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis, working towards her Bachelors in Animal Biology. She plans to become a veterinarian in the future. In her spare time, she makes matching costumes for her and her dog, Todd, and takes him on walks around her neighborhood, here in Davis. She values the importance of roots in a strong community and is happy to make her home in Davis. She is excited to be involved in the constantly evolving field of Veterinary Palliative Medicine, and will always do her best to help take care of you and your beloved. You can contact her at with any questions or concerns.

Sam is the office assistant at Beloved Pet Mobile Vet. She has an associate's degree in Political Science and is currently in undergraduate studies at UC Davis. She plans to get her bachelor's in American Studies and go to law school. In her spare time, she is walking her cats or spending time with her beloved family. She loves her community and wants to make herself at home in Davis. She is ecstatic to be apart of the ever changing world of Veterinary Palliative Medicine. She strives to do her very best to take care of you and your beloved pet. You can reach her at with any questions or concerns.


Snail mail:  PO Box 4386, Davis, CA 95617-4386

Email: and

(Emails and phone calls after 3 pm on the weekdays will be answered the following day.  If this is an emergency, please call your local emergency clinic or try the office number)

Tel:  844-383-BPMV or 844-383-2768 (This is the same toll-free number)

In the Sacramento region (916) 348-8397

In the Davis/Woodland area (530) 341-8796

When returning phone calls, watch for the 844-383-2768, or 530-341-8796, 916-348-8397.

Current phone hours (subject to change)10am-3 pm M-F, SS closed currently.

Answering phone messages only due to Covid-19 current recommendations.  Please leave a message to have a phone call returned.

By appointment only.  Schedule an appointment with any doctor with the button at the top of the page.  The availability is online and will give you a picture of the doctor available at that time.

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