Primary Contacts

Beloved Pet Mobile Vet


Snail mail... PO Box 4386, Davis, CA 95617-4386

For Hospice, Palliative medicine and end of life care for your Beloved pet call us at: 530-383-2543

Hospice, Palliative Medicine and End of Life Care and In-Home Euthanasia for your Beloved Pet.

Beloved Pet Mobile Vet

When you call

 Please leave a message for the doctor to return a call. The doctor does not answer phone calls during a consultation(she will do the same during your consultation too) and will return messages as soon as possible. If you have not heard from The Doctor, she will likely answer calls after regular business hours or the following day for new clients.

If we are seeing multiple calls during the day and it is not an emergency, then the Doctor will call back as soon as she can on the same day, if possible.  With the summer hours, the doctor is often calling at the end of the day.  If you need an appointment, please schedule an appointment (see the above button) and the doctor will call to confirm the night before your appointment.

 If she is on calls after hours, she will return calls the following day. After hours calls will be returned in the morning after 9 am, unless you are a current client. Early morning calls will be returned after 9 am, unless it is an emergency and you are a current client(and the doctor happens to see the call, remember she does sleep). If you haven't heard from the doctor (cause she is sleeping or in a consultation) and you have an emergency or you are not a current client should contact the VMTH at 530-752-1393 and follow their instructions or your local emergency clinic. You can see the Emergency page for an additional list of emergency clinics in the coverage area.